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End User Services

Legacy Platform Transformation Services

There are different methods to restructure Legacy systems. It is very essential to pursue a well-structured process to make sure that all the benefits of reconstruction are acquired. Reconstruction of technology requires a huge investment, this is why the success of modernization is equally essential which highly depends on clarity of thoughts, sufficient information about the structure , system and alternatives. Many parameters must be carefully assessed – strategically, technically and objectively – in the correct hierarchy to make a judicious choice.

FOREFRONT’s Legacy Platform transformation services focus on “mainstreaming” the transformation of these legacy platforms, thereby allowing enterprises to upgrade these platforms in a controlled manner during BAU operations without resorting to individual transformation projects.

Services Offered:

  • Evaluation of  Technology Refresh  for Citrix / VMware/ Windows 7 / 8 /.
  • Building the structure of Business Value Study & Business Case.
  • Gap Analysis and Preparing IT Roadmap.
  • Review and Study of TCO / ROI.

  • Renovation of Architecture.
  • To Plan and design and provide Consolidation and Migration service to the client
  • Disaster Recovery service and solutions

  • We Migration technology from diverse platforms
  • Change Management and Client Rollout
  • Assessment of the applications
  • Updating of Infrastructure

  • Management of IT infrastructure
  • Time to time Monitoring of Performance
  • Security hardening
  • periodic DR drills