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Network Infrastructure

Lower Cost. Lower Risk. Improved Service.

In today's highly competitive business environment, it’s not possible for an organization to survive without a proper network, hence it makes sense to partner with a professional network infrastructure team to provide you the right network infrastructure solutions. Irrespective of the fact, whether your organization is small or big, FOREFRONT is the right destination for you.

Network infrastructure is the core of any organization, which they simply cannot afford to ignore. It is a well established fact, as your organization grows, you need to collaborate across the organization to share information with growing number of clients, partners and vendors. As an organization, you must have a vision where you want to take your organization, come to us and see what we are capable of doing. We have a reputation for developing one of the most secure and scalable IP networks built on any networking infrastructure.


Managing Risk in an Uncertain World

The basic objective of the information security is not only to protect the confidentiality, integrity, but also, availability of the information. Our mission is to help you out to design, implement and maintain sound information security programs in your organization, so that you can work in a highly risk free environment.

If you have any information security issues just contact FOREFRONT and rest our highly experienced, qualified and professional team will take care of it. We design and deliver proactive security protection, which will help you out to reduce the overall security risk. Any security breach means negative growth of your business, as well as reputation and of course, lawsuits, hence it makes sense to protect that data and IT infrastructure of your company. Information is the backbone of any company; safeguard it as fiercely as possible.


Mobile Collaboration

The whole concept of the mobility has taken a different meaning particularly after the onslaught of the different smartphones, mobiles devices and tablets. Whether you like it or not, connectivity is the harsh reality of today's competitive business world. We are staying in a world where employees want to work from anywhere, but for that they need right tools, secure and reliable means.

Wireless technology is quite convenient for the organization but the biggest pitfalls of wireless technology are security. At the same time mobile technologies are quite expensive, lot of limitations, and of course, security is an issue, hence it makes sense to use location services, wireless voice, WLANs, guest access, etc. These facilities will not only, help the organization to increase the total efficiency of the employees, but also, freedom and flexibility. FOREFRONT is providing one of the best mobility services because we have the industry expertise. And we are sure it will help our client to meet the demands and opportunities presented by the mobility. We will design, build, test and implement the right solutions for you, and be sure you will get the competitive edge over your competitors.

System Engineering

At FOREFRONT we make it a point to know your business because we are here to take your business to the next level. We completely understand your business objectives because it helps us to deliver the right support and proven technical solutions irrespective of the fact, whether you want software or mechanical engineering solution you will get it from us. We have more than enough expertise in retail and public sector as well as in transportation, medical and real estate.

Our extensive industry experience has helped us to develop our own systems engineering approach, which helps us to solve an array of complex management and technical challenges. The basic objective of our systems engineering is to help the client to improve their operational effectiveness, which in turn will help their cause in a big way. Our well-qualified, experienced and professional team minutely analyzes the complete needs of the client, which enable them to deliver the total solution. The one point program of FOREFRONT is to expand the possibilities for your business.

Optical Network

Now-a-days big organizations are using optical networking in a big way because of its fastest data transmission capability, which culminates into improved service as well as revenue. Optical networks are highly convenient and of course, reliable. Connectivity of the optical networking is highly efficient.

Optical networking is not only extensively used in campus, multi service networking, but also for disaster recovery services in a big way.

FOREFRONT Optical networking solutions include:
  • Network consolidation and multi service networking
  • Network and legacy consolidation through SONET/SDH, CWDM and DWDM multi service networking
  • Business continuity and storage networking
  • Optical Ethernet and IP optimization