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Enhance Business Productivity and Agility.

Basically collaboration is an IP communications system, which has imminence capabilities and potential, if used properly. Organizations have been using it to promote their business by integrating voice, video, data, and mobility products. Now a day, with each passing day more and more communication tools are added to the network platform and communication systems.

And it is a well-established fact that right systems not only give you the enhance power to attract new clients, but also, improves productivity as well as saves money, which will naturally improve your ROI. Enterprise communication is not only a buzz word, but a reality, which an organization simply cannot afford to ignore because it makes business more flexible and secure.

Voice and Messaging

FOREFRONT is making a point to design, deploy and support collaboration because this is the demand of the time. An organization has to use the next generation voice system irrespective of the fact, which forms of the communication systems are whether it’s a voice, data or video.

As an organization, if you want to improve your business then simply connect your clients with the information and expertise they need because communication is absolutely essential to keep your clients and employees well-connected.

Web based Collaboration

If you want to run your business in a highly cost-effective manner then without any doubt web based collaboration is for you. It does not matter whether your organization is big or small, web based collaboration will definitely make your organization more flexible and agile because any one in any part of the world can view the identical information and documents in a browser window or teleconference or video conference as well as instant messaging.

FOREFRONT is providing one of the best, secure and highly reliable Cisco WebEx Collaboration. Essentially web collaboration is back-end software, which is extensively used by the organization to provide voice and text chat assistance and much more.

Contact Center

It is a well-established fact that technology has changed the complete contact centre concept. As a result you can even customize the phone transaction services according to the needs of the client. Contact centre will give you definite competitive advantages because you are not only using voice or web, but also, emails and video which can be highly personalized according to the needs of the customers.

Advanced communication capabilities is the right tool in your hand to immediately identify and solve the potential problems without wasting any time, which will naturally improve the customer's satisfaction. No wonder, IP contact centers and unified communication (UC) is catching the imagination of the people. Particularly in multichannel marketing where contact centre is playing a very important role.

Business System Integration and Video Conferencing

Collaboration is a comprehensive IP communications system that empowers business through integration of voice, video, data, and mobility products and applications. As more communication tools are added to the network platform, communication systems evolve beyond the infrastructure to a truly unified and integrated solution that now include voice and messaging, application integration, online collaboration, and business video.

Enterprise communications now enable real-time, face-to-face collaboration, making business more flexible and more secure across any workspace.

Telecom Solutions

There is no denying the fact that telecommunication is a must in today's business environment.
You simply cannot do away with it but it makes big hole in your administrative cost. And it is quite challenging to manage the cost without compromising the smooth flow of the connectivity between different geographical location with customers and vendors.

As an organization it is quite expensive to maintain your own transmission facilities, as a result you are dependent on the service providers of the telecommunication. Hence it makes business sense to go for the telecom solutions and we would like to take this opportunity to tell you that FOREFRONT is providing complete telecom solutions. We assess the client's telecom needs and accordingly select the right service provider for them.