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Manufacturing Industry

FOREFRONT Corporation provides end-to-end support to our clients in manufacturing and service industries, leveraging information technology and our long years of experience and expertise.
We provide clients with consulting services related to business and IT strategic development, business process reengineering, coupled with strategic supply chain systems development that support global production, logistics, and sales. Our diverse services to this sector also include distribution IT solutions, core systems implementation and optimization, and outsourcing to reduce costs in client environment.

Traditionally, manufacturers operated within the bounds of their factories and offices. However, now, they are breaking these boundaries to interact with multiple levels of supply chain partners, invest in operational intelligence, strive to meet stringent compliance norms, explore micro-logistics networks to enable the promise of accelerated delivery for select products and customers

This new operating paradigm drive the need for seamless and consistent visibility across all stakeholders and assets as well as deep, real-time insights and adapting to data to digital concepts. This need is further accentuated by the need for differentiation with value-added services driving differentiation more than just having best-in-class products. Manufacturers are responding to these challenges by re-designing their processes, operations, and IT systems to be more agile and competitive.

Technology is central to running the processes of the largest multinational engineering company and the small manufacturer. IT is critical for enabling ‘just in time’ manufacturing processes and reduction of inventory through clever supply chain management, and it facilitates the easy management of data. With rapidly changing customer expectations and constant technological change, there is a need for quick product development and innovation. Increasing usage of embedded software in the product enables them to be more intelligent bringing with it the challenge of huge amount of equipment data that needs be processed and analyzed to produce meaningful insights.

FOREFRONT Corporation has extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing operations to add value to global manufacturing businesses. Our groundbreaking, industry-specific solutions, such as operations visibility dashboards, enterprise performance analytics, remanufacturing, etc., set us apart from the competition. Through our domain-driven approach supported by the best in technology, we are able to offer our customers in the manufacturing industry with solutions that are reliable and efficient, and improve business. Our IT solutions for the industrial manufacturing industry are aligned with businesses and tailored to their needs using advanced technologies, and guarantee strategic business impact.