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System Integration Management

  • Our proficient team build and design the right SIAM model for the clients. They implement and integrate the technology and make accessible to multiple vendors.

  • Global clients prefer services which offer single provider model. Over the time clients become more satisfied with the sourcing structure, they prefer to alter Gen 1.0 framework to Gen 2.0 .The CIOs of Gen 2.0 chose to connect with the strategic providers which has adaptable and transparent contracts. Gen 3.0 offers, two movements which includes an upward inclination toward niche cloud providers and commoditization and high level of automation in Information Technology Outsourcing service towers. There is a shift in approach to the adoption of new technology, the global clients are increasingly dealing with the IT service provides, and they are the spectators of several challenges. Managing the IT outsourcing of global client’s has become complicated ,it requires IT organisation’s to become more accountable while delivering the IT outsourcing services and to ensure that the IT companies providing outsourcing services should align towards the business objectives.