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Cyber Security

We have a team of specialists who combine business intelligence, regulatory landscape & best practices to meet customer objectives.
The expectations of global organisations from their cyber security and risk and compliance frameworks are rapidly redefining due to the arrival of new trends in cloud technologies and the Internet of Things. In this new era, the risk of malicious cyber actors has become ubiquitous and ,increasing day by day, traditional enterprise are still using security redundant measure to ensure cyber security. Time has come when critical resources should allocate to prevent cyber threats, whereas even today organisations focus more to respond to cyber threat. Furthermore, enterprise security threats have become ever more sophisticated, it has increase the need of global organizations to re-structure their security framework. Additionally, organisations are determined to shift regulatory norms, to make sure that new security tools fulfil business needs and always remain cost-effective.

At FOREFRONT, we know that in today’s era organisations operates in the digital ecosystem,due to that the importance of proactive measure against security breaches is the foremost importance. This is the reason why we have adopted result oriented approach towards cyber security. Our security frameworks, is designed to protect digital and confidential assets, intellectual property, and critical information of our clients. We are serving our clients from last 20 years and providing our clients end-to-end services in cyber security domain. We have designed our cyber security services in a way that make available a 360 degree view of enterprise security, and can predict all possible intrusion to our clients. Our cyber security covers, Identity and access management, managed security services, transformation and SI services, security assurance and assessment services.