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Directory Services

Active Directory are software programmes which create a connection with core database for storing and managing information of your enterprise. FOREFRONT offers to their clients a directory service that offers a flawless user experience with following features.

  • True single sign-on for all the application which is supported by Active directory

  • FOREFRONT offers the support to deploy the enterprise-wide applications to our clients.

  • FOREFRONT offers policy enforcement and computer management.

Few challenges that an organizations face:

  • Heterogeneous environment – It built Multiple directories using several platforms which in turn increase the difficulty and improve the IT support costs.

  • Integration of Application – It is a combination of directory services with enterprise wide applications.

  • Refresh of legacy – With change in technology , the need to upgrade their IT structure has increases.

  • Reduce Cost –It covers the cost of Management, hardware and software with the total cost of directory.